Bursting at the Seams

Ken Mays, President Board of Directors

Back in the 1950’s when the Humane Society of Carroll County, Inc., was founded we operated out of a small cape cod and garage off Rt. 31. When we partnered with the Carroll County government in 1977 to manage their “Animal Control” needs we moved into our existing facility which we lease from the Carroll government. The county progressed over the years, creating a larger demand for Animal Control services. In 1980 we co-opted with the county and expanded our facility to what it is today. With our society’s new approach to community outreach and low-kill philosophy, it’s obvious, at some point, we’ll need to retool! There’s been talk about a new home and many ideas have been thrown around, however, no concrete plans are set. Since we’re in the middle of “re-inventing” our mission, we’re still getting a feel for our needs! The numerous inquires have prompted the board to create a “Building Fund”. We have no plans at this point, however, to get a jump start we have established a dedicated fund for those who wish to donate to our future. Should you wish to make a tax deductible donation to this specific fund please make a note on your check for “BUILDING FUND” . We know when the time comes it will be a multi-million dollar project, so we need to start somewhere. I was a boy scout, ….. BE PREPARED!