Raising Funds For Nadia–Your Help Needed

Medical Case–Donations Needed

The Humane Society would not be able to save as many animals as we do without our amazing supporters. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our community to help us raise funds for the medical care of our animals. At this time, we are asking for help covering the cost of sweet Nadia’s treatment and surgery.

Nadia is an 8-12 month old bully mix who has won the hearts of shelter and veterinarian staff. She came into us as a stray. Her rear legs were visibly awkward with thickened knees and loss of muscle mass. Radiographs showed that she had fractures of both femurs (thigh bones) that have healed abnormally on their own. The films also showed she has a dislocated hip, poor baby.

Most of her discomfort seems to stem from her hip. The vet is recommending surgery to remove the damaged head of her femur (FHO Surgery) to relieve her pain. Her fractures have healed to a point where surgery would not be beneficial. Her doctors estimate that her injuries are at least 6 weeks old and that she can have a normal, pain free life despite her previous trauma with FHO Surgery alone. Despite her injuries, Nadia is a sweet and loving girl. Her medical costs are estimated between $2000 – $3000. We are calling on our village of supporters to help this sweet baby.

If you are able, please help us raise the funds for sweet Nadia’s care. Donations can be made on our website hscarroll.org/donate (please select Nadia’s Medical Expenses), or via Facebook (see our post about Nadia). All funds raised will go into our medical fund to help provide for her care.

We thank you for your life saving generosity and help in giving animals the care they deserve. Please watch our Facebook page and website for Nadia updates as we help her through her medical treatments and on the path to wellness.